UW Madison 2018 Graduation Portraits


Aimee Balistreri University of Wisconsin Graduate

As a new graduate from the University of Wisconsin Aimee and I had a great time taking her pictures.  Though it was a windy day, the sky was perfect.


Mixing in with the U of W trademark chairs.



Do you see the W?



Aimee came ready to pose with her matching outfit.



I love this shot with Aimee’s feet crossed.


This is one of my favorite shots of the day.

Aimee-5 Aimee-6

We both marveled over how much can be seen (note the sun) while using my fish-eye lens.




We were pretty much done with the shoot, and while walking back to our cars we saw the Capital.


And now for my favorite shot of the day.


Sarra Marie UW Madison Campus

Sarra Marie

Sarra Marie-2

Sarra Marie-3

Sarra Marie-4

Sarra Marie-5

Sarra Marie-6 Sarra Marie-7

Sarra Marie-8

Sarra Marie-10

Sarra Marie-11

Sarra Marie-12