Carl & Kathy Seeger Family

It was a full house with the Seeger family in the studio.  The family includes two really cute adopted girls from India.  The girls were adopted separately and come from different families.  Our family supports the Gospel for Asia ministry (which primarily works in India), so we have special fondness for the people of India.  I hope to visit there some day. 

With five children of a variety of ages made it a challenge to get everyone to look and smile at the same time but we got it done.  I have a variety of toys that I utilize.  One of which is a plastic chicken which makes a great howling noise.  It can be perfect for getting kids to turn their heads and give an interesting expression. I didn’t get to pull off the surprise because the boys starting playing with it before I had a chance to use it properly.  Maybe next time. 

Seeger Family Portrait

Christmas Portraits

Are you interested in a beautiful, professional family portrait for Christmas this year?    Give us a call!

I take the photographs while tethered to a large high-definition monitor.  This allows customers to see the images right away and together we make some adjustments.  Then I take more pictures till the perfect shot is achieved.  You choose your favorite image and I send it to you with the right to print. 

Gift cards of $50 or more are available. 

James Studio is located at 2611 University Avenue in Madison.  Directions:  If you are heading east on University Avenue (toward downtown Madison), stay right on University when Campus Drive splits off from Old University.  Then park in one of the three spots in front of the studio.  Ignore the sign stating a 10-minute limit.  If the spots in front of James Studio are filled, go straight ahead on Old University for 1/2 block; there are usually parking spots available on both sides of the street. 

Map to James Studio