Katie Olson — Memorial High Senior Portraits

This set of portraits was taken at Tenny Park in Madison, Wisconsin.


A video of our shoot, including using the Phantom 3 quadcopter for aerial photos and video.

I love the many bridges in the park which make it a wonderful place for beautiful pictures.

Katie brown-4

Katie was very agreeable for taking a variety of poses.  I love her smile in this shot.

Katie brown-3

Katie’s parents were willing participants to add more interest to this shot.

Katie brown-2

Katie was willing to stand in front of the “gangster” car.

Katie brown-1

There’s the parents photo bombing the shot again!


It was a beautiful evening.


I love this shot next to the fuzzy flowers.


This was taken at the dock.


The next series of shots were taken from a DJI Phantom 3 drone.


Katie was very good at playing for the drone.


Katie’s dad, John was our photographer for this shot while I was controlling the Phantom 3.


Obviously taken from the Phantom 3 not from up in a tree.


James Studio offers the Phantom 3 photos and video as a free add-on to senior portraits!


Now we are back to shooting from a regular camera while on the ground.  One of the things I recommend to all my clients is to think about accessories to wear.  Katie followed these instructions very well.


It is difficult to tell but there is a family of ducks in the back ground.


Katie is not a friend of spiders and bugs.  Her parents had to clear the place of bugs before laying over for the pose.


I love the warm sun shots coloring Katie’s hair.


As the evening went on Katie got into modeling and became comfortable with it.


One of several silhouettes.


Katie and her mother being creative.


Holding the sun.



Katie-16 Katie-15

Nothing says fun like a good jump.


Katie was wearing a coat for this shot.



Group hug!  What a great place to have pictures taken of the whole family.


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