Kristin Henkel & Chris Hooper

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I love photography, and I've found that Madison is a beautiful city in which to shoot. The Wisconsin Capitol, State Street, Monona Terrace, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Allen Centennial Gardens, Henry Vilas Park, and the Arboretum are just some of the many beautiful places one can go for gorgeous outdoor pictures.

I am a full-time photographer. I enjoy many kinds of photography, as you can see on this web site. In my storefront studio I offer portrait photography in a setting that allows me to control the light and backgrounds.

I work both in studio and on location to provide creative personal photography and videography for weddings, businesses, and families. James Studio offers a classic look with a creative flair!


  1. Best couple ever! Good luck!

  2. Beautiful! Congrats.

  3. Great couple – amazing pic

  4. Love it! You guys are awesome!

  5. A special looking picture of a very special couple!

  6. Hooper’s to be! You two are adorable!

  7. avatar Aunt Barb says:

    What a hansom couple, such pretty babies they’ll make!

  8. avatar Kristie Ponce says:

    I like how natural and completely happy you both look! Great photo!

  9. avatar Leslie Borland says:

    Great picture!! Good luck to you both!

  10. avatar Dave Hooper says:

    Great Photo! You Two Make A Great Looking Couple!
    Love You Both!!

  11. What a great couple.

  12. Love you guys!

  13. Nice picture, the eyes have it! Not to mention the smiles… Love you, mom.

  14. To my little asparagus queen and her beau!

  15. My Lille asparagus queen and her beau! Love you!

  16. Dad is proud!

  17. This is seriously the cutest couple ever!
    They win the Internet!!!

  18. here’s to my little asparagus queen and her beau!

  19. You ARE your father’s daughter!!!!

  20. You guys are so cute!! Love this picture!

  21. Beautiful picture…

  22. You two look like your in a picture… Nice hat 😉

  23. avatar Tracy Holcom says:

    Love it! You two are amazing 🙂

  24. avatar Hayes clan says:

    AWESOME photo! Good Luck!

  25. Happy smiles make for great pictures. Holla!

  26. we are very fortunate to be loved 🙂

  27. beautiful

  28. LOVE is the word for these two right here….a beautiful couple, loved by so many!

  29. avatar Emily Mangan says:

    Pretty much the most fun couple around! Xoxo

  30. What a beautiful couple I wish you the best for your life together.

  31. avatar Chris wegner says:

    Great picture!

  32. avatar Jenn Meyer says:

    Great pic of you two. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics.

  33. Go Hoop and the future Mrs Hoop!

  34. Good Luck!!

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