Kara Saughter & Ryan O’Connor


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I love photography, and I've found that Madison is a beautiful city in which to shoot. The Wisconsin Capitol, State Street, Monona Terrace, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Allen Centennial Gardens, Henry Vilas Park, and the Arboretum are just some of the many beautiful places one can go for gorgeous outdoor pictures.

I am a full-time photographer. I enjoy many kinds of photography, as you can see on this web site. In my storefront studio I offer portrait photography in a setting that allows me to control the light and backgrounds.

I work both in studio and on location to provide creative personal photography and videography for weddings, businesses, and families. James Studio offers a classic look with a creative flair!


  1. avatar Barbara Slaughter says:

    Great photo! It captures the energy that Ryan and Kara have together. Bob and I are excited to be adding the “luck of the Irish” to our family.

  2. Wonderful! Love is in the air!

  3. avatar Jason Roth says:

    Love it guys, so excited for you. Marriage is awesome!

  4. Gross! It’s like you’re in love. and stuff. 🙂

  5. avatar Karen Peters says:

    Congrats Kara and Ryan! I am so excited for you!

  6. avatar Shannon Stober says:

    Great picture, so enjoying getting to know your Dad through Discovery Place.

  7. Fun picture! Cute couple.

  8. avatar Debbie Arvelo says:

    Congratulations! What a cute couple you make!

  9. avatar Amy Morgan says:

    Cute photo! Congrats Kara and Ryan!
    -Amy (Peters) Morgan

  10. avatar Jeff Baker says:

    Definately a cute couple! Congrats to you both!

  11. Love the realness and simplicity of the photo. May God bless you and your marriage!

  12. avatar Julie Proefrock says:

    Beautiful! Congrats to the cute couple!

  13. Wonderful picture….blessing to you both!

  14. avatar Lora Zalaquett says:

    Looks like ” Love” to me!

  15. avatar Deb Nemeth says:

    It’s all about the frog!

  16. avatar Marlene O'Connor says:

    Wonderful photo! It captures your joy in one another!

  17. avatar Cynthia Brizzi says:

    …beautiful picture…adorable couple!

  18. avatar Adam Lewandowski says:

    You guys look great!

  19. You both are obviously comfortable and very much in love with each other!

  20. avatar mary and dick ayers says:

    What a great looking couple. Wishing you years if great happiness

  21. Congratulations to you both.

  22. Oh Kara!! So happy for you!

  23. Seeing the love in your faces and knowing your history just makes me tear up some, i am so happy for you.

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