Olbrich Botanical Gardens Commons Room

The following are a few of the pictures taken of a large family gathering at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in the Commons Room. 

 Olbrich Family Memorial

I shot several families, including this one. 

There was lots of goofing around. 

Olbrich Family Memorial

The following lady wanted a picture with just her and her brothers. 

There were cute couples there too like this one. 

Some pictures were formal. 

Some pictures were more crazyish. 

I told this couple that they seem very comfortable with each other.  She said, “yes, that is because we like each other.”

I love this picture with the barn wood frame and box. 

barnwood frame

These items were removed from a special blanket and made into a hanging art piece.

Under the card is a copy of a baby book that provides a fasinating story of the early years of the mother whose life was celebrated at this event.


Another generation is born.

another generation is born

Memorial flowers

Memorial flowers

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  1. I love the picot Sara & Izzy. It’s very sweet:). And the one of John & Dad, it’s very special 😉

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