Wedding in Deerfield Wisconsin

In October, 2010 Andrea and Qui had their wedding in Deerfield, Wisconsin.  Though the sky was gray, it was a much better day than was forecast.   Late that evening and the next day came enormous thunder and lightning storms and several hours of continuous rain.  Here are some pictures of the day.

This is a fairly small church, but it still has much beauty with its many candles, altar, and woodwork surrounding the Jesus figure. 

A&Q Ceremony

I was able to crisply capture the ring ceremony with my 70 to 200 mm lens. 

A&Q Rings

 Here is another image that shows the rings close up even though I was near the back of the church. 

A&Q Rings

Here is a traditional group shot.  It is nice to get these done outside, because the natural light helps everyone look great. 

A&Q Traditional

This is one of my favorite set up shots.  I get the wedding party cheering in the background while the groom is dipping his bride. 

A&Q Dip

These days many couples choose a party bus for their transportation.  This is understandable when there is a large wedding party.   But it still is photographically special when the transportation is a limousine.  Here I got the limo driver arranged as part of the background.  I love how this photograph turned out.

A&Q-Limo Driver

Next we went to the Wisconsin State Capitol. 


A&Q Capitol

The wedding cake was really cool.  The cake itself is beautiful, but what really catches the eye is the cake topper with the bride holding the keys. 

A&Q Cake

In this final image I had the DJ call all the photographers at the reception.  I then had them all take pictures of the bride and groom while I took some fun shots of them.  Then I had them turn around and all take pictures of me.   It was a team effort and I will do it again.

 A&Q Photographers

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