Olbrich Botanical Gardens

I remember praying intently for a nice day to shoot the outdoor pictures after the wedding.  It was October 10, 2009 and the forecast was for cold and rainy weather.  We got snow instead.  Brett, the groom, loved the fact that it snowed, and said he was disappointed that it stopped so soon.  Fortunately for the rest of us, it was just a dusting and just in the morning.   During the rest of the day there were blue skies and the sun shone brightly.

Brett and Alyssa were married at  Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie.   Everything seemed to be going as planned, as far as I could tell.  Alyssa was starting to get worried, though, because the procession had begun but she had not yet seen her father.  As the organist played a second or third introduction to the wedding march, Dad found Alyssa and they scurried to their place to begin the walk down the aisle.  I got this shot of Dad quickly arranging Alyssa’s dress before they proceeded down the aisle.   I think it tells the story.

Brett & Alyssa-2

Once the bride was down the aisle, everything was fine.  I think this sanctuary is beautiful.   I love the color tones, and the candelabra and flowers add a nice touch to the whole scene.

Brett & Alyssa-3

As can be seen in this photo, it is a beautiful fall day in the gorgeous Olbrich Gardens.  What you don’t see is everyone shivering because just a few minutes ago they were wearing  jackets.  It looks like it could be a 75-degree day, but it is more like 39.

Brett & Alyssa-4

I changed things up by first taking pictures of each of them on iPhones and then getting shots of them holding the iPhones with the other’s photo.  Here is one of my favorite pictures–it made it into Alyssa and Brett’s album.

Brett & Alyssa-6

Though the day was cold, the wedding party kept up the enthusiasm.  They showed their love and support for the bride and groom by having fun throughout the day even though it was uncomfortably cold.   Some of the other photos show more overt enthusiasm, but I think this one is more balanced with an overall better look.


Brett & Alyssa-7

One of the special places in Olbrich Gardens is the oriental building in the background.   It is a wonderful structure with a stream on one side, a small fountain, interesting stairs, and a reflecting pond.  This shot just over the fountain shows some of the vivid background.   If you go to Olbrich Botanical Gardens, take the time to visit this site.  For a full view of the structure see the next photo.



A wide angle view of the Olbrich Gardens Japanese pagoda.


Brett and Alyssa had their reception at the Crowne Plaze on the east side of Madison.  Here we can see them enjoying their wedding cake while guests are looking on.

Brett & Alyssa-9

At the end of the evening I was able to capture several shots of the bride and groom under this arch.  I love the various levels of depth in this photograph.  In addition to the great overall look is the feeling of authentic romance in the couple.  It is my favorite shot from the day.

Brett & Alyssa-10

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