Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Not everyone is looking for the same products, services, style of photography, personality of photographer or even quality of pictures.  But I would bet that the majority of people reading this article are looking for the “Biggest Bang for Their Buck” when it comes to their photography.

What customers look for?
The search for the right photographer can be a daunting task. To think that one could get the same quality of products and services from any photographer charging $2000 would certainly be naïve.  Suppose a couple has determined that they have a $2,000 budget for a wedding photographer.  A few of the items most couples consider when hiring a photographer are:
1) Style of photography.  They search local photographers’ sites looking for images that strike them as exceptional.


An engagement shoot for Chad and Jennifer Lee. Photographed at Hilldale Mall.

2) Price.  They check the photographer’s price list to see if he/she is in their price range.
3) Features.  What is included in the package?  This is an area that is very hard to compare apples to apples.  One photographer’s basic package may offer four hours, while another provides six hours, while another offers eight hours, while another has no time limit.  One photographer may offer raw files on a disk, another provides edited files, another provides no files, while another provides files but only after 6 months or a year.  One photographer may offer a print credit toward an album, while another offers an album, while another provides a set of enlargements, while another does not provide a print incentive at all.  With so many possible variables the consumer needs to shop carefully.

What else should customers look for?
What are some items that couples may not think about before hiring a photographer?  Aside from the more tangible “WHAT is included in the package”, is the less tangible “WHO is the photographer”.  You may love a photographer’s pictures, but discover later on that you’re not crazy about how the photographer relates to you and others in your party.  Check out my article on Who Should You Choose for Your Photographer?


Photographed at Hoyt Park on a foggy day.

Secondly, people should think about what happens after the event.  How long will it be before the pictures are ready?  Does the photographer offer stylish, cutting-edge products?  Will a photographer help customers use enlargements to decorate and beautify their home?

Another important issue is the relationship.  Suppose a couple is elated with their wedding pictures and they have a great relationship with the photographer.  Soon afterwards they may start growing their family.  It may start with a pet, but eventually the first baby comes.  Does the photographer do family portraiture?

How to get it?
The way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to think through your values, prioritize them, and do your homework.  Review blogs and websites, ask lots of questions, and make sure that what you want is clearly stated in the contract.

James Studio tries to provide the biggest bang for your buck knowing that you matter and your money matters.   I provide a professional photographic experience for a living, meaning this is what I do full time.  My Silver package for $1795 provides seven hours of shooting, which is enough for most weddings.  All the images are color corrected and 12 are finished in Photoshop.  All the images are put on a DVD and the customer is given rights to print anywhere.

I provide several leading-edge products.  And when you’re ready for family portraits, I am ready to serve you, as I am the photographer of James Studio.


Photographed in my studio.

You can get to know me from reading my blog and watching the videos.  If you like what you see and like my image samples, send me an email or give me a call to set up a time for us to meet.

Jim Bendewald
(608) 233-5556

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I love photography, and I've found that Madison is a beautiful city in which to shoot. The Wisconsin Capitol, State Street, Monona Terrace, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Allen Centennial Gardens, Henry Vilas Park, and the Arboretum are just some of the many beautiful places one can go for gorgeous outdoor pictures.

I am a full-time photographer. I enjoy many kinds of photography, as you can see on this web site. In my storefront studio I offer portrait photography in a setting that allows me to control the light and backgrounds.

I work both in studio and on location to provide creative personal photography and videography for weddings, businesses, and families. James Studio offers a classic look with a creative flair!

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