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Business Portraits for Business People

James Studio shoot a variety of images to get the two that you like.  These are then touched up to provide a complete professional look.  Booking an appointment is easy.  Just call 608.233.5556.


James Studio also provides additional cropped images at no additional cost.

Matt Cropped-2


James Studio also provides additional cropped images at no additional cost.

Matt Cropped





Jenna Roesler — Memorial Senior High Portraits

Had a great time shooting Jenna for this shoot.  The first few images are studio shots.


Jenna with her friend Katie.


The purple dress works very well with the black background.  Jenna was very good about accessories which I strongly encourage.


I love the rosy dress in the picture below.  It is very flattering for Jenna.


After shooting indoors we went to Vilas Park in Madison.  It has several very cool looking bridges such as the one in the background below.


There is a walk-over bridge in the background of the image below.  Note the blurry background.  I want my subject to be in focus while making the background out of focus.


A blurry background provides great color while keeping the background natural, interesting and beautiful.


One of my goals it to get to know my client as we are shooting.  When the client is having fun all this helps to bring out natural expressions.


I use a variety angles while shooting.  In this case I climbed up the railing in order to get the height that I was going for.


As we shoot we work together as a team trying to create the best images possible.


One way that I can get a new interesting look is to use my fish-eye lens.  Throughout the shoot I change lens to create different looks.


Toward the end of the shoot the sun was going down.  I try to arrange our shooting times so we get the golden hour which give us the best light available.


Though there were some clouds in the sky, there was also plenty of blue to create the reflection we see in the water behind Jenna.


Jenna was very easy to shoot.  Sometimes people have a problem with blinking or know how to smile comfortably.  She obviously enjoyed doing the shoot and she felt comfortable.


As the sun was going down we were able to get the sun shining through her hair.  Sort of goes with her outfit!


Close ups are super cool when everything works like it did in the shot below.  James Studio provides an individualistic service, not a cookie cutter everyone-looks-the-same service.


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